Richard Li

I am a researcher at MIT CSAIL, where I work on robotics and machine learning.

I did my bachelors at UC Berkeley, where I was advised by Prof. Pulkit Agrawal as a researcher in BAIR.


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My goal is to solve general robotic manipulation.

Towards Practical Multi-object Manipulation using Relational Reinforcement Learning
Richard Li, Allan Jabri, Trevor Darrell, Pulkit Agrawal
ICRA 2020
project page  /  video  /  code

State-of-the-art results on long-horizon manipulation using reinforcement learning.

Sawyer Sort-n-Throw
Richard Li*, David Wang*, Alex Michon*
EECS106A Robotics Final Project, 2017
project page  /  video

Perception and trajectory optimization to pick out specified object and throw into a target bin.